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Engaging the brain
from the periphery

Whether it’s through a pattern woven into a sock or applied via a patch, we’ve developed a way to adjust EEG patterns in the brain that decreases the perception of pain and improves overall function. The process involves mechanoreceptors in the skin and the way their signals are processed in the brain.


How Voxx HPT can help your patients

Pain Management

Our study on 1,000 patients with diabetic neuropathy showed a significant reduction in average pain score when using VoxxLife socks.

Balance & Mobility

Balance and mobility improvements of >30% were seen in a study of 69 patients using VoxxLife technology.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Combining well-established compression sock approaches with VoxxLife technology may accelerate the rehabilitation and recovery process.


Counteracting signals from pain receptors in the feet, VoxxLife technology can reduce a patient’s feelings of fatigue and improve overall well being.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Better management of pain associated with diabetic neuropathy can greatly enhance a patient’s quality of life. 

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